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 Tel. (UK) 01672  841 404 or Contact Us

Fax. 0870 762 5500, Online@metalmesh.ltd.uk

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Metalmesh manufactures a range of single skin mesh & steel partitioning systems in four main elevations of:

The system consists of three series of brackets, designated B, M, & T. some are handed to ensure accurate run lengths. The linking of the panels at different heights means that levelling is as standard without shims.

To install  you will need normal fitting tools and:

The various brackets are depicted on the Partslist page.

These are fixed to the panels by means of self drilling screws.  The ‘M’ types are usually only used where a second lift (or more) are mounted on top of the ground run.

General Instructions.

1. Chalk out or laser area.

2. Refer to the basic layout of panels, this sketch will be in with the fixings etc.

3. Fix first panel to BH (one screw will suffice, see simple start or complex start page 4) so height adjustment can be finalised at end.

4. Mount panel and bracket on floor using floor anchors. Stabilisation of the run will take place when the (WF) is fixed to wall using wall plug.

The sketch supplied by our works, will show the layout of the panels and must always take priority over these pre-printed instructions. Alternatively, should you find that no initial floor fix is possible a complex start (see page 4) may be required.

This may or may not require the ‘Mesh Partition cutting kit’:-

Drill, plug, and level two short cut lengths of ‘U’ profile on wall. (this technique jumps a skirting for example)

4. Ensure that all brackets are inserted all the way on the panels or a large amount of creep may affect the overall dimensions of the runs.

5. Level the partition and drop floor feet accordingly to maintain a consistent height. Continue and sequentially assemble the panels to layout supplied.

6. When satisfied drill and fix the remainder of the self drilling fixings.

Assembly Instructions.